"I watched your movie twice. I had thought of making a difference in my town, but never did it. You gave me a push and I want to start by helping people. Ever since your visit I have been standing up for people that need me. Thank You." - Jessica


“I truly admire your courage in speaking especially to an older audience. The fact that your are producing movies, speaking and inspiring at your age speaks to me. I hope you continue putting out good message and energy into the universe.” - Kenna


"I am trying to do what you said in my neighborhood. I am from Peru and I want to educate my neighbors and learn about them."


“Thank you for coming to Prof. Bohl’s class. You have showed me how we are all so similar. I hope you inspire more people to action about peace like you have inspired me.” - Dylan


"Your presentation was so uplifting. Everyone I talked to in school says they enjoyed it and that they were inspired. Thank you for your inspiring words." - Mariah


“You spoke at my German class. I want t o t hank you for your deep compassion. It meant a lot to me.” - Thomas


"Before you came to my school, I had wanted to start my own shirt company and send proceeds to help people in Africa. Meeting you, has finally made me start it. Thank you for inspiring me." - Makayla


“Thank you for coming to our school and making your movie. You are very brave to speak t o us. I wish I could have seen your hair. I have never seen a boy with hair to his knee. I think you are cool. Sincerely.” - Keith


"The world needs more people like Angad to help others open their hearts and minds." - Carol M.


“I watched your video with my daughter as she has the same belief and proud supporter of social work. At your age your are doing fantastic job. I am sure with people like you and my kids, this world will be a better place. Keep up with your good work!” - Clarity


"I loved watching your video. I am positive that people like you will instill a change in human-human relationship and focus on EKnur rather than race and creed. Good Work mate." - Suhail Dawoodani from Dubai, UAE


“Loved your One Light video - love the message - In fact, we run a free class for children reflecting this very idea, and love for you to come and join the other kids - I think you will enjoy it!” - Neeta


"Hi my name is Olivier and I'm 10 years old. I was inspired by your video clip. I live in Canada and I will respect my neighbors."


You are making this world a better place. It is eye opening to learn that people with different beliefs can have a lot in common.” - Bill


"Your movie had led me to change the way I look at others and to always show respect. I envy your self –respect and dedication. I can’t explain my gratitude and hope you will come back with your next movie." - Madora


“I would like to thank you for coming. It’s great that you found something you care about and then acted upon it. Not many people do that (especially kids/teens). You strengthened my passion for acting on one’s feelings. I would like to use your video on my upcoming website on “Free Your Mind Movement”. Keep in going, man, what you are doing is a great idea.” - Zach


"Your visit has inspired me to start small to make a change. Thank you." - Kylie


You have influenced me a lot. Your mother’s story about her house being burnt and her 3 relatives burnt alive opened my eyes to the conflict and racism in the world. It also makes me thankful to live in such a wonderful place and share my blessings. Thank you.” - Hanna


"What you said made a difference to me because I was bullied when I was younger. I know I couldn’t have talked about the issues like you do, I have trouble speaking about my projects in class. So thank you for speaking for so me." - Andrew


“You are making this world a better place. It is eye opening to learn that people with different beliefs can have a lot in common.” - Bill


“Your message that anyone can make a difference was really powerful. The dedication you show for creating change has an impact on me. I cannot express the inspiration in words. All I can say is that I hope I can be as courageous as you and make a difference.” - Robby


“Your video made a big impact on how I look at my neighbors. I was moved by your mother’s story on the genocide and made me realize how hard it is to stand for your beliefs. Your insights on life are so unique for your age. I am two years older than you and still don’t look at the world like you do. I admire your courage.” - Haley

"I was lucky enough to hear you speak 1st and end period. You have inspired me to make a difference in my community. Thank you." - Ally 


“Thank you so much for opening our eyes to your message. Your movie was very intense and inspirational. You brought new ideas and thoughts to our valley and inspired a lot of people to make a difference. You make me want to make a difference like you do.” - Jessie


"I saw you speak at my school. I am just learning to speak and write so I use a special writing program with pictures. I want to speak like you one day." - Christian



"I really appreciate your courage and the will to try to change the world. I really believe it when you say that “God is within us”. You have really helped me to see life differently." - Luis


“Thank you so much for sharing your movie and knowledge. I was able to expand my boundaries and learn about your amazing culture and your work to make this world a better place.” - Mal


"You made me realize that I should not judge people on how they look. Also, you never know what people have gone through in their lives, so I should always be kind and open to them." - Hannah


“You taught me that it doesn’t matter what someone’s race or religion or disability, we are all humans and should be seen in one light.” - Vanessa


"I was very enlightened and couldn’t agree with you more on all you said. Thank you for sharing." - Sam


“Your movie really moved me and I so enjoyed learning about the Sikh religion and culture and your message of making this world a better place.” - Dillon


"Thank you for coming to us and sharing your wonderful message. I think what you are doing is amazing." - Chris


“I liked that you talked to us about what you have experienced for being different. I have experienced t hat too because I am Hispanic and there are times when people treat me different. You really encourage me to not judge if I don’t know people well.” - Anna


"Your video has changed my views on diversity and helps me to see all people as one." - Shane


“It amazed me that you did something like this at such a young age. Makes me want to do something too. What I really liked too was that you don’t care what people think of your religion. You show it with pride. You have the courage to stand in front of teens and adults and talk to them about issues. I admire that. You really made a difference for me.” - Juana


"I am sorry to say that I disagree with you. The world is a bad place and it will never change. I get pushed around and beat up all the time. Where is the change you talk about ? When will it come ?" - Tyler


"I am a special education teacher at the Wood River High School. I teach students with severe disabilities in the Life Skills program. Our class had t he honor to see you speak. I want to thank you for showing our students that positive messages can be spread by kids. We live in a “bubble” here in Sun Valley and it was great for our students to see that there are more cultures in our wonderful country than what we see here. My students wanted to write you a thank you letter. Keep up the good work. I am proud to know that Georgia has such a remarkable young man representing their state." - J. Ellison.