I really find this documentary very uplifting and gave me perspective.   You took me on the inside of what it is like to be an American who does not look like one.  I would be lying if I said I have not been a little frightened when I was at an airport and I saw a man with a turban on.  Now I realize even if you are a Sikh or a Muslim it does not mean you are a terrorist.  And Angad, I apologize for being ignorant and will try to be a better American citizen.  I hope to teach others what your documentary had taught me today.  Thank you for the life lesson.” –
S.T., 15 year-old girl


“I really appreciate you creating this film; I got to see your perspective on life, and that helped me be able to look past the outside.  I think it’s really awesome that you have the strength to be yourself every day…the video credits were not only funny, but showed how those little boys were just regular American kids jammin’ out to a good song.” – E.H., 15 year-old girl


“I don’t think I will ever look at other races/ religions the same way again.  I used to be a little judgmental, but I’ve learned to accept people and not judge a book by its cover.” – S. P., 15 year-old girl


“This movie has taught me to defend those who get bullied and to educate those who bully.” – P.B., 14 year-old boy


I learned a lot about your culture and saw how much faith you all have.  It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what you believe in, and I think it is a fear we all face.  But then I think that once we do stand up for it, we realize that it is not as scary as we thought it would be… I think that your movie will change the way many people view the world and will have a huge impact on society.  Thank you!” -  R.B., 15 year-old girl


“Your documentary really opened my eyes and made me realize that there is so much more discrimination towards different cultures and people than I thought.  I learned a lot about your culture and how important it is to you…After  watching your documentary, I feel like there’s so much more in the community I can do to promote diversity education.  So many people live behind closed doors and I think that by educating them, a lot of our issues would be resolved.” – G.S., - 14 year-old girl


“Your film was amazing and has opened many people’s eyes, including mine.  I’ve always thought about how other people get discriminated against, and how it’s not fair, but I have never really done anything about it.  I’m a typical American, and don’t get judged that much…because of your film, I’m determined to meet many different people with many different backgrounds.” – C.M. , 14 year-old girl

Your movie is amazing.  It has shown me the world from a different point of view, and I am moved.  I never knew Sikhs were bullied so much, and I am inspired by the way the people you interviewed have reacted.  Now I know much better than to judge anybody by what they look like – especially Sikhs….I will try to educate others so they don’t see a turban and assume the wrong idea.” – E.W., 13 year-old boy


"Your documentary changed the way I see people who have different religions than I do.  I always have been quick to judge people, mostly because my parents are that way growing up in the Deep South.  But I see that it was wrong of me.”  - C.Y., 15 year-old girl


“I think that after seeing this movie, I am going to try to make a difference.  Maybe not making an incredible movie like yours, but I will find a way, large or small to make a difference and not make fun of someone by what they appear to be.”  – J.E., 14 year-old boy


“Your movie was very well made and taught me that just because someone is wearing a turban doesn’t mean they are from Iraq or out to get us.  I know many people have that viewpoint, and I learned that just because someone looks different doesn’t mean they aren’t American.” – N.A., 14 year-old girl


“This film is a great way to explain your life.  It has certainly given me a few pointer tips on life – like not labeling people the moment you see them.  You need to take the time to get to know them.” – A.P.,  15 year-old girl


“As a child of Muslim Indian immigrants, I really appreciate your documentary…I identified a lot with the kids who talked about being bullied for their cultural identity because I have had to put up with the same thing for almost as long as I can remember.       However, I have never been a victim of hate crimes, and I was shocked that someone would cut someone’s hair out of prejudice.  I would definitely like to see more diversity education in the US.” – S.K., 15 year-old girl


“Normally I don’t like to talk to people about different races, religions, and cultures because I have fear that I would offend someone.  However, this movie kind of opened me up to a new perspective and understanding about Sikhism, so if I were to talk about it with other people I’d feel much more comfortable.” – B.R., 15 year-old girl


“My favorite part of the movie was the end where all the little kids were singing songs.  It was fun and showed how the kids were truly American kids, too.” –  K.R., 14 year-old girl

“Your film is AMAZING and it really opened my eyes.  I was shocked when one of the little boys in your film told how he was bullied.  That made me feel really sad inside…I think if everyone got to see your film, I really believe that it would make HUGE difference.” E.D., 15 year-old girl


“Your film really gave me courage to be proud of myself and my culture, as well as be confident about my poor English.” –S. N., 18 year-old girl


“After watching the movie, I will definitely look at not only Sikhs but everyone else differently.” – S. L., 15 year-old boy


“I really liked your movie.  I will definitely have a different view of people that wear turbans and don’t shave.  Before this, I honestly had a stereotype of Sikhs that they were bad, and they were a part of Al Qaeda or whatever else.  That was really stupid of me.” – C.H. , 15 year-old boy


“I totally can relate to the movie because I’m from India and when I came to the USA four years ago, everybody would ignore me and say that I was different …I like that you kept your roots and held onto your culture.  I did the same thing, too.”  – A.B., 14 year-old girl


“You have inspired me in two ways: From now on I’m going to strive to do my part to educate my peers to wake up and look at every person the same way.  Also, it is now my goal to get involved in film in order to make the world a better place.”  - L.E. , 17 year-old girl


“I have been bullied an harassed in my life also… when I was bullied, the verbal and physical abuse I got always made me feel that something was wrong with me.  It’s not the exact same situation, but in ways of being judged, I can definitely relate.  Because of your video, I feel like I need to start standing up for what I believe, so thank you.” – D.D. , 15 year-old girl


“This movie makes me want to better myself… it makes me want to stand up for what I believe in, and also respect others' beliefs.”  – A.E., 15 year-old girl


“I think it is really awesome that you took the time to make this and try to educate people instead of just being resentful of the people who do discriminate against your religion.  I think that it is really important that people are educated because they just see a turban and automatically think terrorist, especially following 9-11.” – K.R., 17 year-old girl